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Best Bedding Option? Scratchy Mouse

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Best Bedding Option? Scratchy Mouse Empty Best Bedding Option? Scratchy Mouse

Post by CyFox Wed 10 Apr 2019, 12:52 am

I'm quite new to this site and I must say, it is so refreshing to see a community dedicated to the wellbeing of mice! Thanks for making this happen.
So I have a problem with the bedding I use, (at least I think it may be the problem?) I can't tell what the ingredients are but it is called rocky mountain softwood screened shavings. I've tried doing research on the company and the product but nothing, I'm not sure if it's Aspen or Cedar or what. I did research on softwood bedding types but again, not 100% what this stuff is made of unfortunately, though it may be Aspen, not sure. I've used this bedding for a while and I'm pretty sure it's giving my rodents allergies since all of them have scratching problems. What is the best bedding to use, something that isn't prone to making my mouse itch?

Secondly, my mouse Poppy is having respiratory problems and problems with itching, as I've mentioned. I'm pretty sure she's had a problem with breathing ever since she was young but it went away for a while and it came back worse then ever. She used to click almost when she breathed...maybe asthma? Is that possible?
If it's allergies or dust, I'm thinking it's the bedding. She has also scratched her ear and it's been bleeding. I plan to clean out her cage as soon as I get home to work tomorrow and look for vetericyn or ivermectin I suppose, whatever works. For now I put Neosporin on her wound but it's rather disheartening because she's losing energy and her appetite is diminishing so I hope I can find a solution soon. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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Best Bedding Option? Scratchy Mouse Empty Re: Best Bedding Option? Scratchy Mouse

Post by CallaLily Mon 15 Apr 2019, 7:03 am

Hello. There’s a thread with info on bedding here. If you can’t find exactly what type of wood a bedding is made from, it’s better to skip it. Aspen is the safest wood bedding but most agree paper based beddings are the safest option all around.

If your mouse is clicking and/or breathing funny, a vet appointment is needed in case of a respiratory infection. These things can progress rapidly so it’s better to get them in sooner rather than later.

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