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Intoducing Female Mice

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Intoducing Female Mice Empty Intoducing Female Mice

Post by plum88 on Wed 10 Apr 2019, 9:56 pm

Hi everyone! I’ve been stalking this forum since about December and in January I got 3 girls of my own! They’ve been doing well and I absolutely adore them. Recently our humane society got a dozen mice and I’ve had my eye on them. They have 5 females, and I’ve been debating getting 2 or 3. I am looking for some advice for if I do get them!

1. My girls (littermates) currently live in a 113qt bin cage. If I were to get them - would I need to get a bigger cage?
2. I imagine all their toys and houses smell like them - would I need to disinfect them or anything?
3. Are there any diseases I should worry about?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated! And tips for how best to introduce them would be great!

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