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ASAP Need Help Identifying This

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ASAP Need Help Identifying This  Empty ASAP Need Help Identifying This

Post by Wobblesx3 Thu 11 Apr 2019, 6:41 pm

Hello everyone, I came home from work about 20 mins ago to find my cat looking strangely interested in getting something (all of her "predator" instincts were on) so I go to check it out, and this grey thing runs out. So I spent a good 10 mins trying to catch it only for it to jump out of my hands right after then after recatching it, I quickly put it in a box.

It looks like a mouse. A young one. But would it be what we call a "house mouse" ? A wild mouse? Do those even have markings such as a white spot on the head? I'm lost in confusion because I'm pretty sure I haven't had a preggo doe. And my male hasn't been reachable by anything other than me.
Should I try feeding it like a normal pet mouse? I'm lost at what to do. I almost don't want to let it go because what if something happens to it?
ASAP Need Help Identifying This  20190413
ASAP Need Help Identifying This  20190412
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ASAP Need Help Identifying This  Empty Re: ASAP Need Help Identifying This

Post by CallaLily Mon 15 Apr 2019, 7:10 am

Hello. Your pictures are showing up very small on my phone so I can’t see very well, but from what I can see I think it’s a typical “house mouse” (Mus musculus). They can sometimes have a bit of white pop up in wild lines.

There is care info here:
And a thread with info on a few common species of mice found in the U.S. here:

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