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OHIO: Looking for hand-raised or orphaned mice

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OHIO: Looking for hand-raised or orphaned mice Empty OHIO: Looking for hand-raised or orphaned mice

Post by Luc2176 on Thu 18 Apr 2019, 3:13 pm

It is very difficult to find nice mice for adoption near me. (Our pet stores only sell untamed feeders - which are also ALL pregnant and likely inbred!! Shocked) (And on occasion, PetSmart sells Fancy Mice but they are exclusively male mice, and too eager to fight my other mice.)

If ever anyone has orphaned or hand-raised baby mice in these areas, please contact me at !!

Ashtabula, OH - Madison, OH - Mentor, OH - Painesville, OH. (Other areas might be doable, if they are somewhat near these!!)
Of course, I am willing to pay for the mousies, and I am able to care for young orphaned mice if they are not yet weaned.

(I have already searched for mouseries - there does not appear to be any within reasonable distance D:)
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