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Wooden Cage?

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Wooden Cage? Empty Wooden Cage?

Post by Kmac Mon 06 May 2019, 6:14 am

Hi all,
Sorry if my post has ever been answered before. I’ve hunted around for my answer but I’ve never been able to find an answer.

I have two female mice and can’t find any cages in my entire country that are big enough of capable of what I’m wanting to do.

I’m thinking of making a cage out of wood/timber but want to make sure it’ll be safe. I’m also open to other materials as well, just wanting to make a wide, multi story with perhaps a more “nature” bottom with dirt and sticks and plants etc they can forage around.

Is there anything I should avoid? Does anyone have any tips?

Thank you.

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Wooden Cage? Empty Re: Wooden Cage?

Post by CallaLily Mon 06 May 2019, 5:18 pm

Yes, this is a possibility. Be sure to use wood that is safe for mice and be sure to use a safe sealant so the wood does not become soaked easily with urine. You can look up safe wood lists - any safe wood lists for gerbils/hamsters/rats are likely just as accurate for mice. Any water-based child/pet-safe wood sealant is ok once completely dry.

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