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First Time Mouse Owner (By chance) with questions!

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First Time Mouse Owner (By chance) with questions! Empty First Time Mouse Owner (By chance) with questions!

Post by Thejesster435 Fri 17 May 2019, 10:58 am


I was excited to stumble upon this community while searching for more information on how to care for my new mouse.  Long story short, less than a week ago I found this white fancy mouse outside.  She let me pick her up and when I set her down she didn't run away, I couldn't just leave her out.  I checked with my neighbors to see if they owned any mice that got out, but no luck.  I purchased a starter cage setup for her and let her get used to it for 48 or so hours without too much interaction.  I've had her out of the cage for the past few days with me, she seems very docile.  Now I believe she is a female mouse, less than a year old, but that is all I know about her.  She is eating, exploring and playing well, seems healthy.

My question is, since she is a female mouse and from what I read they typically do better living in groups.  Can I find a reputable breeder in my area and obtain 1-2 more female mice to live with her, or is it best to let her live solo and have more handling and time with me than the risk of introducing a new mouse or two?

I'm really a mouse noob but want to do my best at caring for this little guy.  Later today I will post an actual introduction thread with some pictures of my new found little buddy.

Thank you for your time!

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First Time Mouse Owner (By chance) with questions! Empty Re: First Time Mouse Owner (By chance) with questions!

Post by chiroptera Sat 18 May 2019, 2:32 am

If she is female (definitely double check if you're unsure - if you post a picture of her genital area, someone here can definitely help you! OR if you see nipples, which can sometimes be easy with white mice, that means she's definitely female since male mice don't have nipples) you should definitely get her some companions! Female mice do best in groups of 3+, trios are often recommended for beginners.

Also, it's great that you saved the little gal! She definitely wouldn't have survived in the wild. Hopefully she escaped accidentally, but it's possible that she was released by someone who decided they didn't want her. Sad

Mice are very rewarding pets and I hope you learn to love them like we all do here! Very Happy If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask and we'll be happy to help - and we'd love pictures of your new friend. Smile

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