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mouse sleeping in hideout at night

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mouse sleeping in hideout at night Empty mouse sleeping in hideout at night

Post by wintherose on Sun 09 Jun 2019, 10:06 pm

hey y'all so i have a worry, since im a rookie mice parent. my more curious mouse, mira, has been asleep/grooming herself in the hideout really all day. i leave the girls be during the daytime but arond 9pm she still wouldn't come out to exercise or eat, etc. my shyer mouse lucia though has been running on the wheel and being a wackadoodle as per usual. i'm just worried she is stressed and i don't want to cause any more stress on her.
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mouse sleeping in hideout at night Empty Re: mouse sleeping in hideout at night

Post by chiroptera on Mon 10 Jun 2019, 2:21 am

@wintherose I wouldn't be worried! If they're new, it'll probably take a bit for them to get used to their new home. Plus, she may be out and about at 2,3,4 am when you're asleep - or she could just be sleepy~

if she seems otherwise lethargic, that's when I would get concerned

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