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Telling Identical Mice Apart?

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Telling Identical Mice Apart? Empty Telling Identical Mice Apart?

Post by mary90202 Wed 12 Jun 2019, 10:16 pm

So I currently have three white mice, and they are identical. i’ve had them for a few weeks now and i’m unable to tell them apart solely on personality. anyone have any ideas?

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Telling Identical Mice Apart? Empty Re: Telling Identical Mice Apart?

Post by CallaLily Fri 14 Jun 2019, 12:20 pm

This can be so difficult sometimes. I have 3 boy gerbils that I cannot tell apart at all (the Jeffries).  I can’t find one difference between them.

I had two pairs of mice that were very similar in looks that it took me a while to spot differences. Two PEW girls and two agouti girls. The PEW girls were slightly different in size and one had scrunchier ears. The agouti girls, one had a tear in her ear and the tiniest smidge of pink on her tail tip.

You can use plant based food coloring to mark them until you can spot differences in looks or personality.

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