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Baby mouse won’t eat?

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Baby mouse won’t eat? Empty Baby mouse won’t eat?

Post by xesmeevg on Mon 17 Jun 2019, 8:03 am


Two days ago my cat brought me a baby field mouse..
It was unharmed and I didn’t know where the nest was. So it was either letting it die or take care of it. So I decided to take care of it. Not knowing anything.
I did a lot of research with my mom and we fed her every two hours.
I don’t know how old she is exactly but she has her eyes still closed but she does have a bit of fur. She survived two days and two nights and at first it went great.
But suddenly she won’t eat anymore. I feed her cat milk with a paint brush.
She never really opened her mouth to suck on it so I just put a bit on her mouth and she’d lick it off. But now she won’t open her mouth anymore and she isn’t consuming any food. She also lost some weight and I’m getting worried.
I don’t want her to die.
She also shakes her head? Or shivers? But not from cold and she only started doing that today.
Does anyone know why she won’t eat and why her head shakes/shivers?

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Baby mouse won’t eat? Empty Re: Baby mouse won’t eat?

Post by Aizui on Sat 22 Jun 2019, 1:21 am

Does her tummy feel hard? She might be bloated. Here's a good video on baby mouse care. You might also want to figure out how old it is to ensure you're giving it the right amount of food.

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