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Excited and sqeeking mouse

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Excited and sqeeking mouse Empty Excited and sqeeking mouse

Post by WBCarson Wed 19 Jun 2019, 6:44 am

I get up this morning and as usual they are waiting for a bedtime snack
One has been acting very excited and active. For the first time she (or he nobody can seem to figure out its gender) jumps on stuff, lifts her head and gives out 3 or 4 audible squeaks. Not sneezes but deliberate squeaks.
Than runs around, jumps, runs in the wheel.....
Doesn't appear to be in any pain. you think she has learned to get my attention to play by squeaking? Do mice sometimes squeak when they are in heat? Males when they want a girl?
I think her squeaking has most of the other mice being very active. They should have been in bed by now

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