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Hello from Spain!

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Hello from Spain! Empty Hello from Spain!

Post by Misha_usa Mon 15 Jul 2019, 4:33 pm

Hi there!
I've actually been around there sine long ago, but it'd been ages since last time I logged in so I thought it'd be good to introduce myself again Smile

I'm Misha, I'm from Spain and I currently have two baby boys. I know there is no big tradition of keeping males together in EUA, but we usually do in Europe (Keeping a close eye on them anyway).
Mochi is an himalayan, though he's still almost totally white, and odango is a baldie mouse. Both of them around two months old now.

Don't have good pictures yet sorry, but I'll keep trying! I'm really amused seeing how you all can get such amazing pictures of your mice. I never managed to with any of my current nor former boys...

Nice to meet you!
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Hello from Spain! Empty Re: Hello from Spain!

Post by CallaLily Sat 20 Jul 2019, 11:46 am

Mouse Wave

You’re correct that here we do not recommend keeping males together but it’s known that there are some breeders in Europe who have somewhat successfully bred out the male mouse’s territorial behavior. Though from what I’ve read it can still be tricky and oftentimes they still need separating when they’re older.

There is a sticky thread in the pictures section (I think) that gives tips for taking pictures. Good luck. Smile

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