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reptile hammock?

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reptile hammock? Empty reptile hammock?

Post by amousewhosqueaks on Fri 19 Jul 2019, 6:15 pm


so i have my boy in a large bin cage filled with toilet paper tubes, a wheel, and other play toys. the only thing i felt he was missing for enrichment was a second level/a thing he can climb (because he LOVES climbing my shirt so i'd like for him to get that same fun in his bin), so we got him a reptile hammock today. it's a perfect fit for his bin, but before he gets too comfortable with it i want to ask if they're safe? i google searched and found that some people use reptile or bird toys for their mice, but i didn't see anything specific about the reptile hammocks. the hammock i bought is held up by suction cups. my boy doesn't seem like a chewer, also. the only thing he's chewed on was a toilet paper roll.

if anyone has any experience with the reptile hammocks for their mice i'd appreciate some input/advice Smile thank you!

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reptile hammock? Empty Re: reptile hammock?

Post by chiroptera on Sat 20 Jul 2019, 2:50 am

If he's not much of a chewer I think it should be okay, just keep an eye on it and check to see if he seems to be chewing on it. If you see more than the usual wear and tear, I'd remove it.

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