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Mom ignoring babies?

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Mom ignoring babies? Empty Mom ignoring babies?

Post by Moth Tue 23 Jul 2019, 9:12 pm

My mouse gave birth 4-5 days ago, and has taken decent care of her babies. But lately she hasn’t been sleeping in her nest with them anymore? She sleeps on the other side of the tank and ignores them for hours at a time Sad. She hasn’t gone in her nest for 4-5 hours. I don’t think she’s abandoned them because if you take them out and show them to her she picks them all up and puts them back in the nest, but I’m really worried they aren’t getting enough food.

I think it might be because she’s too hot? She’s been sleeping in weirdly open spots, on top of a metal platform, etc. It’s been pretty hot lately, but I’m nervous about putting a fan or something to cool off the tank because without her in the nest the heat is what’s keeping them warm. Thanks for any help!

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Mom ignoring babies? Empty Re: Mom ignoring babies?

Post by Peachy Fri 26 Jul 2019, 12:07 am

My mice did this too. She's not ignoring her babies, she just needs some time to herself! My own baby was exhausting and demanding, and mice often have at least four at once! As long as she's keeping them warm and full and they're growing, she's doing fantastic with them.

If you're concerned she may be hot you can offer her a ceramic tile or hide (like a toothbrush holder, candle jar, or coffee cup) from the freezer to lay on. Good luck with babies and enjoy every moment!!! It goes soooo quick.

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