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Is my mouse pregnant?

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Is my mouse pregnant? Empty Is my mouse pregnant?

Post by shriekingsiren on Sat 27 Jul 2019, 1:55 am

As a disclaimer, I read through (and maybe teared up about) the breeding packet and all the info at the top of this page.

However, I'm at a loss. Currently I'm keeping a trio of does, though one of them, Goji, has been separated because my fancy mouse breeder friend and I think she is pregnant.

I think I can see hair loss around her nipples, but she is not a fan of anyone trying to look at her undersides (and rightfully so!). She has had significant gain in girth but I'm not sure if it's confirmation bias or not. Here is an image of her tonight walking on me - I got her 10 days ago. *Side note - it's my elbow

Is my mouse pregnant? 20190727_014813

Either way, as a result she is the tamest of my three girls (yay?) and she is currently living large and being very spoiled on mazuri, protein, and lots of lovin'.

I'm very worried about complications - my local pet store keeper (unfortunately not the girl who is the mouse girl - she really loves those mice) said she was "about" six weeks when I got her, which means at minimum she would have been 6 weeks at breeding. At worst, we're looking at 5! She's so young, is there anything I should know? Is it best to keep taming her (which, to date, has been a few minutes at a time handling, speaking to softly, and letting her run around on me) or leave her be until I know for sure if she's not pregnant or, of course, a few days after she's delivered?

I am a very anxious new mouse mom and maybe soon to be new mouse bubbe!

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Is my mouse pregnant? Empty Re: Is my mouse pregnant?

Post by Peachy on Sat 27 Jul 2019, 8:44 am

She does look like she might be pregnant. I would treat as though she is, but keep handling and taming until birth. Make sure all four of her feet are always supported when you're lifting her and such. Scrambled eggs are fantastic for pregnant and nursing mommas.

You'll need her to be as friendly and trusting as possible for when those babies show up! Babies learn from Mom so the tamer she is the better off you'll all be. When the babies are the recommended age you can start handling Mom and babies again... separately of course. I did about 10-20 minutes with Mom in a room away from babies, and then a few minutes with babies in a room away from Mom. When babies start opening their eyes and exploring their cage you can handle them together.

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