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New mice advice

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New mice advice Empty New mice advice

Post by Zoeyml Thu 01 Aug 2019, 6:50 pm

Hi I have two mice Luis and Zayn. I actually got them so they can be friends and was told by the pet store it would be fine, but Luis got very territorial. I took him out and put him in a carrier, but when I put him back in the cage he was biting Zayn very hard. I decided to just get Zayn a separate cage because I couldn't have the heart to return one but I cant let them get hurt either. They seem very happy now that they both have their own cages and toys, but they are very scared of me. They wont eat any food I give them by hand, but because I stressed them out with moving cages I am trying to just leave them alone for now. The only problem is needing to clean their cages soon. I got "citrus magic pet" to spray in their cages when they are in a hide away spot but I do not know if that is safe to use or will irritate them. I also do not know if I should wait to take them out to do a full clean and change bedding until they are less scared but obviously the cages will get pretty dirty after awhile. I just do not know what is best for how long I should wait and if in the mean time if it is safe to spray in their cages. Also any advice on how to make them fear me less is appreciated they wont let me hand feed them theyre too scared of me still (its been only about 4 days) Walk

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New mice advice Empty Re: New mice advice

Post by Robin~ Sat 03 Aug 2019, 3:08 pm

It's great that you separated them. Male mice can and will kill each other; they're very territorial.

I'm not sure about the citrus stuff but I'd stop using it...mice have very sensitive noises and citrus isn't good for them anyways. It's also likely scaring them....think about it if you were hiding from a giant that may kill you and they spray a nasty smelling spray in your face. Not pleasant at all!

As for taming tips, if say just hang around the cage often. Whenever they're up fix up the cage a bit and talk to them. Don't go for them if you don't have to as that'll scare them.

The cage clean can happen whenever; usually weekly cleanings are best. If you keep them in while you're cleaning that'll help them get used to you Smile
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New mice advice Empty Re: New mice advice

Post by CallaLily Sat 03 Aug 2019, 3:52 pm

Time and patience with taming is the main thing. I’ve always found the process goes easier when you move them to a neutral safe play space, rather than trying to work with them in their home. I also recommend holding off on hand feeding treats, at least until they are used to you. Sometimes it can encourage biting. Instead hide treats around in their cage for them to find when you return them after taming/play sessions. I promise they’ll still make the connection.

Full cleans should be around every 7-10 days. I always found it easier to move them over to a secure play bin during this time, but that’s just me. For new or jumpy mice it’s easier to use a tube or box (allowing them to climb in in their own) to gently transfer them over to the play space.

I personally just used a water/vinegar mix or Dawn dish soap for cleaning (rinse well). I definitely wouldn’t spray cleaner or freshener directly in the cage with them still in it. Mice have very sensitive respiratory systems so I wouldn’t risk it.

More on taming:

More on cleaning:

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New mice advice Empty Re: New mice advice

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