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Meet Opal and Sybil!

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Meet Opal and Sybil!  Empty Meet Opal and Sybil!

Post by Graceeh Sun 04 Aug 2019, 4:08 pm

Here are my two new girls! I'm a first-time mouse owner and loving them so much already. Is anyone able to take a guess at whether these girls look full-grown or not? They're rather small, but having no experience with mice, I don't really have a frame of reference to say if it's norma/full-grown or not.

Meet Opal and Sybil!  Img_3510
Meet Opal and Sybil!  Img_3511
Meet Opal and Sybil!  Img_3512

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Meet Opal and Sybil!  Empty Re: Meet Opal and Sybil!

Post by CallaLily Wed 07 Aug 2019, 3:56 pm

They’ll probably grow a bit more or at least fill out a little more.  As an aside, your wheel looks too small. Is that the smallest silent spinner?  Their 6.5 inch size is really the absolute smallest wheel recommended and many mice often outgrow it. An 8 inch wheel or larger would be best. I like the 10 inch Silent Spinner if you have access to it. I do not recommend their 12 inch. It’s loud and clunky and tough for even my gerbils to spin. But other brands of that size may spin more freely. A medium Flying Saucer is a good choice too.

They’re super cute! Very Happy

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