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Mouse biting nails

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Mouse biting nails Empty Mouse biting nails

Post by Zoeyml Thu 08 Aug 2019, 12:26 pm

Hi I finally got my mouse to trust me he lets me take him out of his cage and crawl up my arms. My only problem is he really likes to bite my acrylic nails. He doenst try to attack me or bite anywhere else and doesnt seem upset but I cant get him to stop biting them. I dont take him out i let him crawl on me if he chooses so I really dont think hes scared. Idk what to do or if its normal Jester

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Mouse biting nails Empty Re: Mouse biting nails

Post by CallaLily Thu 08 Aug 2019, 2:55 pm

Sounds like he’s just curious about your nails. I’ve seen quite a few people mention their mice do/have done this. There’s something about finger nails I guess. Laughing

I had a mouse that nibbled fingers when I first adopted him. Not aggression, just curious like your mouse sounds. He also was eager to climb on me and come out for play time. All I did when he would try to nip was gently curl my fingers away and say “no bites.” That’s it. Took only a couple days for him to catch on and stop. I would do the same in this situation, curling your fingers away and repeating whatever phrase you choose each time. He may catch on just as quickly or it may take a bit more. Just depends on him. Refrain from hand feeding until he’s well past this behavior. Also make sure your hands are very clean before handling and that you’re not using yummy smelling soap or lotion either. Good luck!

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