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Mouse cage advice

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Mouse cage advice Empty Mouse cage advice

Post by Zoeyml Sun 11 Aug 2019, 7:06 pm

Hi I have 2 mice in 2 separate cages. My first mouse Luis I got first and then added in my second Zayn. After Luis attacked Zayn I put Luis in a new separate cage. They are right next to each other and Luis seems to want to go back to his other cage. He bites on the bars close to his old cages and climbs on the wall. Both cages have 3 stories tons of stairs and things to chew on. I dont know if I should switch their cages because they both see their cages as their territory but Luis never tried to get out of his cage or bite the bars until I switched them. He could also just be trying to get to Zayn to try to fight him again. Crying or Very sad If I switched their cages Id clean everything out first but I did that the first time and it still seems Luis is trying to get to his old cage. I know they are not upset about cage size or activities :C  Sorry this is long I just dont know what I should do when Luis seems unhappy in his new cage
Also to note I only have room to put their cages next to each other I have nowhere else to put them.

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Mouse cage advice Empty Re: Mouse cage advice

Post by Robin~ Sun 11 Aug 2019, 8:02 pm

As far as I'm aware mice don't get cage rage like how dwarf hamsters do (well, my definition of cage rage is attacking your hand whenever you put in the cage, but yours seems to be a bit different? I dunno).

I'm not sure if continuously switching their cages is a good idea; any reason as to why you did it in the first place? It just sounds like throwing one of your males in another male's territory sounds like a recipe for disaster, especially if the new male starts marking everywhere.

I do think it could have to do with the cages being so close. Is there any way you could re-organize your space to move the cages apart?

Side note; just to be clear, male mice are solitary and must be kept alone. They are very territorial.

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Mouse cage advice Empty Re: Mouse cage advice

Post by CallaLily Sun 11 Aug 2019, 8:35 pm

First, thank you for separating them! As you found out, male mice should almost never be housed together. Thumbs Up

He probably is reacting to smelling and hearing the other male near his territory. Moving one cage across the room or to another room would probably be best but I know you said you don’t have the space.  He may settle down a bit after more time passes and he gets used to the new arrangement.

Boredom is always a possibility too. Some mice just really prefer a larger space and/or need tons of entertainment. Maybe increasing play time will help.  Also changing up toys often.

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Mouse cage advice Empty Re: Mouse cage advice

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