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Advice. Fighting?

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Advice. Fighting?  Empty Advice. Fighting?

Post by Willow Thu 15 Aug 2019, 6:33 pm

I have 2 female mice and 1 one male mouse. They used to live together when they were younger, but once I found out the male was a male- I separated him from the others. He seemed to be doing fine with that up until a few months ago. I'm not really sure how else to explain it besides he seemed really lonely and depressed. I went back and forth on pros/cons of neurting him for months and in the end decided to do it to see if him being back with the girls might help. They used to always play and sleep together, so I was hoping their company would make him like his old self again. I researched reintroducing them and followed the steps and eventually got to the point where they were living together again. Afterward they weren't close like before- but they weren't fighting and trying to kill each other either. He seemed interested in them but also really scared of them at times, but I think they have picked on him while I was at work but I've had no proof of that until now. I came home today and he has a red mark under his eye and one of the girls has a red mark by her nose/side of her face. Shes pretty dominate even though shes tiny and she has chased him before, but I've never seen them actually fight or try to bite each other. They have always just stopped chasing and went their separate ways. The girls finally shared a bed with him the other day too, so them both having marks on them today is just confusing to me since that seemed like a postitve step. Now I don't know if they should live together or not. It's been about 3 weeks and the marks just happened today... so I was wondering if anyone could give their advice on if I should separate them again since I'm pretty sure they made each other bleed or if theres anything else I can try myself to get them to like each other again? I feel so bad he seems unhappy no matter what now except for the one day they were sharing a bed and cuddled up. Sad I just want them all to be happy and get along with each other.

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Advice. Fighting?  Empty Re: Advice. Fighting?

Post by CallaLily Wed 28 Aug 2019, 4:40 pm

Sorry I’m so late in responding.

I don’t have any experience with housing neutered males with females but I imagine the same advice for females in this situation would work here. Which is *if blood has been drawn* remove the aggressor for a time out for around a week or so, then try reintroducing the same way you would intro new mice. Usually a little time alone makes the bully appreciate their friends more.

More on introductions here:

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