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New Mouse Advice Wanted

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New Mouse Advice Wanted  Empty New Mouse Advice Wanted

Post by lucyt7 Sat 17 Aug 2019, 11:02 am

(Sorry in advanced I’m not sure how to use this site!)
I am a brand new mouse owner having never owned rodents before at all, and so I am just looking for a spot of advice. I’ve given my little boy Frankie 3 days to settle into his new cage and environment, and he has started climbing onto my hands sometimes, but he has ruby eyes and his sight isn’t the best so sometimes he doesn’t see my hand or thinks I’m just some food.
He has a little hidey house and obviously sleeps all day, but sometimes I can hear him clattering around inside but he never comes outside? Most of the time that he is up and awake I am asleep, and I am just wondering how to bond with him. I have tried to put some treats onto my hand and wait for him to come to be but he can’t see too well and sometimes thinks that I am the treat! I would appreciate any advice given Smile

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