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Post by Scooby Sun 25 Aug 2019, 12:33 am

Hey! I stumbled upon this forum a few days ago while researching some things for my pets. I am really grateful for the resource; I have learned so much just by lurking that I figured I would register.

Anyway, I'm Scooby. I have 2 female mice that I purchased from Petco. I originally had 3 sisters: Dusk, Thorn, and Luna. Unfortunately, the smallest of the three, Luna, passed shortly after I purchased her from an unknown condition. (I feel terrible about it because I honestly wasn't aware she was sick until she was gone. She seemed to have been eating/drinking/playing as normal. ) That was months ago, and the two surviving sisters are doing well. They've grown a lot. Dusk is getting a little chubby, even.

I had been feeding them Oxbow Mouse and Young Rat food, so I was alarmed to see that it is a terrible food for them - though it did explain an issue with a hot spot on Dusk that worried me quite a bit. It has since healed up, but I bought Vitakraft Vitasmart Parakeet food for them today to start moving them to a better diet.

I also realized that the open floor plans/setups I had been setting up were probably discouraging rather than encouraging activity. I've been working on that too and I hope they enjoy the new setup I made after this last cleaning.

Anyway, I've already learned a lot and I look forward to learning more! Glad to have a community to ask for guidance, as I dont really know any other mouse keepers to ask for help when I need it.

I also have 3 rats - Cleo, Belle, and Toil - and 5 cats - Nietzsche, Crush, Willow, Minerva, and Sebastian.

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Post by CallaLily Sun 25 Aug 2019, 11:15 am


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