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Mouse very sick please help!!!

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Mouse very sick please help!!! Empty Mouse very sick please help!!!

Post by Camry08 Fri 06 Sep 2019, 3:03 pm

Im new to this site and I’ve already tried posting it but I’m not sure were it went so I’m trying agin in the proper section. My small mouse has diarrhea, I noticed it yesterday but today he’s much worse. He won’t eat or drink, I’ve tried giving him oats and dried bread (oats are his favorite) but he won’t eat a thing! He’s cold and won’t move from his spot and his tail is an odd gray purple color and his spine is very noticeable. He’s losing a lot of water from his behind and he just won’t drink. I don’t have access to a vet of any kind so I need to figure out how I can help him. Please if anyone has any idea of how I can save him please let me know!

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Mouse very sick please help!!! Empty Re: Mouse very sick please help!!!

Post by CallaLily Fri 06 Sep 2019, 3:47 pm

Keep him warm, keep trying to keep him hydrated, and get him to a vet ASAP.  Having a veterinarian on hand is so important!!

From the health packet:
*****Please note that prompt vet care is always advised. None of this information, or its use, is to take the place of vet care. These things are only here to help in the time it takes to get to the vet and to supplement information.*****
Heating pad
If your mouse becomes chilled, place a heating pad on the lowest setting, under a towel, and then under 1/2 of their tank. Never place a heating pad directly in contact with your mouse! Make sure the mouse can easily get off of it if he or she becomes too hot. Also check the heating pad often to ensure it doesn't get too hot at any time. Mice can overheat quickly! All a mouse needs is a little warmth, not extreme heat. It also helps to hold your mouse close to you, to warm him or her up. If your mouse is too lethargic to move, do not place them on the part of the tank over the pad as they will not be able to move off of it if they become too hot. In this case, using your body heat to warm them up is recommended. Human body heat works great when getting their temperature back to where it should be.
Non-electrical heating pads, such as air activated heating pads, can help in an emergency, such as the electricity going out in your home.
KMR, Oatmeal, and Rice
Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) can save lives! It literally works miracles! If you have a dehydrated mouse, one that has lost weight suddenly, or one that isn't acting well, mix up some KMR for them. You can mix KMR with either oatmeal or cooked rice (you can use any type of rice, however, mice tend to prefer white). Use warm water to mix it into paste form. Serve warm but not hot! Make sure you replace it often as it will go bad if left for long periods of time. If your mouse has any of these symptoms, you need to seek veterinary care immediately to find out what is wrong and have him or her treated. If you breed, you will also need KMR on hand in case you are forced to hand raise bubs.

Gatorade®️ contains electrolytes which can help bodily fluid function properly. If a mouse is dehydrated, electrolytes will help boost them. Electrolytes also make the animal feel thirsty, making them want to drink more. The nice taste of Gatorade®️ also helps them want more, in turn it hydrates them better. If your mouse is dehydrated or has diarrhea, diluted Gatorade®️ is most commonly recommended by vets. You still need to see a vet if your mouse is dehydrated or ill. If your mouse is this bad, you need a vet as soon as possible! Vets can also give your mouse fluids (under the skin) to give them the added boost they need. In addition, if your mouse has wet tail, he/she needs a vet immediately! Wet tail, as well as dehydration for any reason, can kill within 24 hours.

Unflavored Pedialyte can be used when you have a dehydrated mouse, as an alternative to Gatorade. Dilute it with equal parts water.

This Pedialyte recipe will work if you don’t have Pedialyte or Gatorade available:

1 tsp salt (teaspoon)
3 Tbsp sugar (tablespoon)
1 quart warm water
Mix all ingredients in warm water. Feed to mouse with syringe. Store in refrigerator for up to 48 hours.

How to reheat: Fill a coffee mug with hot water. Fill the syringe with Pedialyte and place it in the mug for a couple of minutes. Squirt a drop on the inside of your wrist to make sure the liquid isn’t too hot. It should feel barely warm on your skin.

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Mouse very sick please help!!! Empty Re: Mouse very sick please help!!!

Post by Echoe77 Fri 06 Sep 2019, 9:31 pm

I've given my mice pasta (cooked and still 'wet') as a last resort when they stopped eating, just to get something in their systems. I've microwaved a piece of spaghetti and a few grains of rice before and sometimes it is just enough of a boost to buy some time to get to the vet or get medicine. You can also try contacting a general vet, some of them do have small animal vets on staff.

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Mouse very sick please help!!! Empty Re: Mouse very sick please help!!!

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