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friends with a wild mouse

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friends with a wild mouse Empty friends with a wild mouse

Post by Redbullmum Thu 12 Sep 2019, 12:55 pm


I found a mouse in my paddling pool last week it seemed really tame, it was struggling to stay in a dry part of the pool so a friend quickly grabbed a small cage for me to use to help it. Strangely the mouse went straight in like it knew what it was doing, i took it straight to a neighbour who has alot of mice to ask what i should do. They said to keep it indoors to dry out and if it seems ok release in a day or so, They gave it some food and just said to give it some water.

The mouse seemed really content and was eating loads. The next day I got rid of the paddling pool and as silly as it sounds made a little nest using a pringle tub and some mouse bedding i also left a bit of food some water nearby and a tub shielding the opening incase a cat tried to get to it. The mouse would be able to come and go as it pleased. I set up a wildlife camera nearby, when i released the mouse it went straight into its new home, i left it alone and worried about it all night. Checking back at the camera the mouse isnt coming out from its new area it seems very jumpy compared to how it was when i had it indoors. It goes to the end of the pringle tub to reach for food and wont go any further, two cats have been going near the area im worried oneday theyll catch it.

should i leave it or do anything to help it?

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