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From Rats to Mice

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From Rats to Mice Empty From Rats to Mice

Post by RustHeart Sun 15 Sep 2019, 10:01 am

I became the mother of my first two mice.  I've had rats for years and not having them has left quite the void in my life.  I actually had a week of bad depression purely because I didn't have any rats.  I don't have the space in my apartment for rats so I decided to 'downgrade' and get mice for the first time.

I can't even touch them yet and they are already bringing me so much joy. I love just sitting and watching them eat and run and clean each other. I have two females I got from a pet store (I couldn't find a breeder or rescue nearby). One brown self named Coco and a tan spotted one named Star. I don't have any good pictures because they move so much.

I just want to pick them up and love them but they hate me Ahah. I am feeling a bit impatient but I will give them their time to tame.

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