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Month old babies may be traumatised and bite

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Month old babies may be traumatised and bite Empty Month old babies may be traumatised and bite

Post by Aysha on Tue 17 Sep 2019, 2:55 pm

Hi there, I’ve signed up specifically to ask about this. Our beautiful pet mice had 10 babies which are a month old on Friday but at 3 weeks they were all too big for the cage they were in so we rehoused them all together in a larger tub with chicken wire over as a temporary solution whilst finding the lid to this tub. A nightmarish thing happened where our cat got into the cage and took the mother.... it’s so horrible to think about it she was so beautiful sorry to anyone disturbed.... and when the babies were 3 weeks with eyes closed I had to feed them round the clock with formular. They are bigger now and we have tried to sex them which is hard at this age but when I’ve put my hand in the cage there are a few but one main one that bites and it’s not playing I think. The others are very quick and they run all over but this one seeks out the hand when I put it and then comes up to the finger and bites not nibbles bites. I assumed because I hand hand dared them from eyes closed they would be more docile and used to me I thought at 3 and a half weeks they were ok with occasional milk in a jar lid so they haven’t had the milk as often and eat the loake cubes etc I don’t know if it’s because they’re not getting enough milk, they were traumatised by the cat or all the moving around or not having a mum or there are just a couple of aggressive or protective mice... I don’t know. The mother only bit when pregnant and in the first few days of the babies being born and you could see she was protective and saying no don’t come near my children but I expected the children to be like the parents. The father is very docile and never has bitten except when establishing dominance in the cage when he was first put with the female, he fought with her a little to start...
Any help about this would be good, don’t know what to do, don’t want to raise the mice to be biters but there may be a couple that are more
Aggressive ? I don’t know
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