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There Are No Real Mouse Breeders Near Me.

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There Are No Real Mouse Breeders Near Me. Empty There Are No Real Mouse Breeders Near Me.

Post by 100% Angelica Schuyler Fri 27 Sep 2019, 10:12 pm

There are absolutely no breeders or rescues anywhere near me. The closest I can find is about eight hours away which is just way too far for me. I refuse to buy mice from Petsmart but I do keep reptiles and my snake gets rats (Frozen) my supplier is super nice and breeds the rats and mice her self. Her daughter will often take one or two and keep them for her self so I was wondering if I can get three females from her what is a good age?

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There Are No Real Mouse Breeders Near Me. Empty Re: There Are No Real Mouse Breeders Near Me.

Post by Robin~ Fri 27 Sep 2019, 10:22 pm


I would probably look into the lines of these mice to ensure their health will be ok in older age. It likely wouldn’t be any better than any pet shop mouse but if you have a particularly good feeder breeder that doesn’t interbeed their mice you can have a pretty good chance at some healthy mice! As for age, I believe 4 weeks is the youngest separation age.

PetSmart can also get returns for mice in the back room of their store. Often these mice are deemed “aggressive”, sickly, or dropped off by owners who didn’t want them any more. Most times these guys can still make for great pets, but you’ll likely have a hard pressed time finding three females :/

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