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Mouse house, food, and cage decor

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Mouse house, food, and cage decor Empty Mouse house, food, and cage decor

Post by FurBabies@732 Sat 28 Sep 2019, 4:38 pm

Hey guys. I have a single albino mouse. Her cage is 2 stories and as wide as a 20 gallon. She has a 2 stoy hideaway house and toilet paper rolls in her bedding for tunnels. I am still iffy on her food. I think I will try parakeet food next. Right now her food is a complete mix of fiesta and pellets. I decided to mix them both because I was told when it comes to a fiesta food, it's nice to keep your mouse interested and allowing her to pick what she likes but with your mouse making that choice she will not get her full nutrition. Pellets have been touch and go with my mouse. It's good for their teeth to naw on and helps insure she is getting proper nutrition.

Well just wanted to discuss with some mouse friends to see if you have an idea, want to show off your pets' cage or even discuss what hideaway house is best for a mouse. Example: My girl's house is made of wood.

Just looking for ideas and looking forward to talk to mouse parents like me.

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Mouse house, food, and cage decor Empty Re: Mouse house, food, and cage decor

Post by pipsqueaks Sat 18 Jul 2020, 11:11 am

may i ask why you only have one female mouse rather than a group?
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