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White mouse age

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White mouse age  Empty White mouse age

Post by BrendoniUrie Wed 02 Oct 2019, 1:41 pm

Hey I was just wondering if anyone else had experience with the white mice Petco sells. There were no breeders near me that I was allowed to drive to at the time, so I went to Petco. I got them on March first, and since then I can definitely tell that they've grown into adult sizes. However, I'm sure that there are health issues regarding the genetics of these mice which will impact their life span, so I was wondering how long others have owned these mice for and how old you think they were when I got them. I never weighed them or anything, but before they squeezed past each other in those plastic tunnels with relative ease, now they struggle a bit, but can still squish past each other.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

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White mouse age  Empty Re: White mouse age

Post by CallaLily Thu 03 Oct 2019, 5:25 pm

It’s hard to say for sure how old the mice were when you got them.  My Cheeseburger and Bacon were both PEW mice from Petco. At the time it was guessed that they were roughly 8 weeks old, which put them at around 21 months and 20 months old when they passed away. Both were relatively healthy. Cheeseburger had a possible stroke/severe ear infection that was treated with the hope of being the latter. She did improve with time though she still had a bit of a head tilt and would still circle sometimes when stressed or excited.  She was roughly a year old when that happened. Cheese was the much friendlier of the two, though Bacon wasn’t aggressive or flighty. Just made it clear she didn’t enjoy being bothered and that she was only tolerating my presence.

Very common health problems with mice are respiratory infections and tumors. Five out of the nine Petco mice I’ve had (8 purchased, 1 adopted) developed tumors. However this isn’t only a common problem with Petco mice, but with all poorly bred mice from untracked lines.

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