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My mouse is scared of me

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My mouse is scared of me  Empty My mouse is scared of me

Post by Nosferatu on Sun 13 Oct 2019, 2:04 pm

Hi! I'm new to having pet mice, I got two males exactly two weeks ago. One of my mice, Charlie, warmed right up to me no problem. He lets me hold him, takes food out of my hand, etc. My other mouse on the other hand, Asmodeus, seems to be having some trouble. I know that it takes time to get mice to trust you, but Asmodeus and I haven't had any progress. He runs and hides from me whenever I come near, getting him into the travel carrier for when I clean their tank is a pain, he does anything he can to get away. I do interact with them, talk to them, give them treats, (not Asmodeus though, he's too afraid to take treats from me) I was just wondering if anyone here has had extremely scared/shy mice? How did you get them to trust you? I really love him and want him to feel comfortable and not so stressed around me, but I don't know what to do!
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My mouse is scared of me  Empty Re: My mouse is scared of me

Post by Robin~ on Sun 13 Oct 2019, 8:25 pm


I have a group of four girls. One has been great with interaction from day one (the people at the place I got her from basically spoiled her lol, she’s a big sweetie), one took me about a month, and the last two have just warmed up to me this week (I got them in early June). It takes a lot of time, especially in those jumpy months! I think just generally interacting with your mice regularly and giving out lots of healthy treats (my favorite is plain, dry oatmeal oats) is a big benefit. Just putting you hand out in the cage or playpen during play time can work wonders.

If you’re having trouble getting your boys out of the tank, it’s completely ok to just leave them in there. It’ll get them more used to your presence anyhow Smile

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