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hi there! Empty hi there!

Post by ControlCoreAngel Wed 30 Oct 2019, 3:29 pm

hey, im angel! ive been keeping mice for over 4 years and love these tiny jerks....... i use they/them pronouns

my current two are macaroni, a gray and white banded pew with some vision problems and a misunderstanding of mouse social cues, and pipin, a very light brown and white spotted pew who likes to SCREAM.
my mom is currently raising an albino boy named mayonnaise, who she saved from a snake (that couldnt eat him anyway).

my past mice were svanhild, a champange and white spotted, juniper, a black and white banded, lumi, an albino, hiroko, a solid gray-brown, echo, also a solid-gray brown with a tan belly, winter, an albino, fat baby, a gray brindle (named for her MAXIMUM CHUNK), fox, an albino, and flick, a solid black-brown.

i love studying personality in mice! theyre all their own individuals and i think its incredible. no two mice ive owned have been alike. personality ive found to be a nice mix of nuture and nature in them, and ive seen the most drastic of personality changes.
ive been wanting to understand more of mouse genetics, but im not planning on running a mousery anytime soon or at all.

my biggest wishes are to get a rex mouse and to get a bigger cage setup!

also, my old gals svanhild and juniper were lesbians. and took care of 13 kids together. we miss you two gay gals!


angel / mouse owner for 6+ years / they

current babies: pantalaimon / french fry

rip: svanhild / juniper / lumi / winter / echo / hiroko / fat baby / flick / fox / mayonnaise / macaroni / pipin / poppy / skittle
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