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My Past Mice

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My Past Mice Empty My Past Mice

Post by Meltoni15 on Wed 30 Oct 2019, 8:08 pm

Ziggy - my very first mouse. she was a dark agouti brown. I had her for 2 years. she was so sweet and always curious. she was so forgiving with my first mistakes in care and she taught me so much.

Tess - The other half of my first pair, Tess was a pink-eyed-white and a runt. I only had her for a few days before she passed. I remember staying up all night to try and keep her alive. She was incredibly cuddly and affectionate, from what I got to know of her. Sounds crazy, but I think she understood just how much I wanted to save her and how hard I was trying for her.

Zamp - My third mouse, as a new companion for Zig after the passing of Tess. My bleeding heart decided to try again, so I got another PEW runt. I had zamp for almost a month before her health caught up. She was happy as can be, and so curious, but I think she always knew that something was off.

Izzy - Izzy was part of a trio I got as Zig was nearing her old age. I didn't want Zig to be alone, so I got her a trio of younger mice that could keep her company, maybe help take care of her. Izzy was a medium haired black and white mouse, and she was pretty small, but not a runt. She was always very flighty. I loved her regardless.

Livie - Livie was another mouse from the trio. She looked just like Zig, but her coat was glossier (probably because she was so much younger) and she had a pink tail tip. She was the leader of the trio, very rambunctious, curious, aloof, and sometimes seemed like she thought of herself as a queen or a rebel leader. She was goofy and sweet, and had such an interesting personality.

Veri - Veri was the last of the trio. She was solid black, a similar fur type to Izzy, and very sleek. Out of the trio, she was the most affectionate, but not as trusting as Zig. Her and zig got along very well, likely since Veri had a more submissive personality than the other two youngsters. Veri made both me and zig very happy.

Zero - Zero was one of the more recent mice I had, I got her in January 2019. She seemed a little stunted, and had a hunchback, but she was just so happy to be alive. I got her at a reptile show, where she was supposed to be a feeder. I'm so glad I did because she had the most wonderful and relaxed personality i'd seen. she wanted nothing more than to explore, be loved, and be happy.

Storme - Another one of the recent ones, we only got Storme in August. She was pretty clearly a runt, but I was hoping she'd be lucky. We had her for a few weeks before she passed. She was a cuddly little baby. She had the loveliest dove grey fur and the sweetest ruby eyes.

Sugar - the most recent of the past mice. we got her alongside storme. she was a PEW. she was a smaller adult. Im guessing she just didn't get lucky genetically, since we only had her for two months. She got along so well with NinetyNine (my current mouse) and really helped her come out of her shell. She was so playful and curious and always wanting to try new things.

Lastly, my current mouse- Ninety Nine. I got her when she was maybe 18 days old. She was supposed to be snake food, but I talked my parents into letting me get her. She started out so skittish and nervous, but within the last few months shes completely changed- she comes out of her burrow when I enter the room, she looks forward to coming out and playing. She trusts me, and takes food from my hand now. Shes such a sweet lass.
Shes a medium or shorter furred mouse. Shes black with jagged white bands and a white belly. Even if she isn't technically "show worthy" I think that she would have made an excellent show animal if I were more into that side of the mouse world.
out of all my mice, I think I have the strongest bond with Ninety Nine.
Not to mention, her name. Her fur makes her look like an old timey inmate, so my dad recommended naming her as a ID number- and I must say, it really completes the whole thing.

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