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Cage help

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Cage help Empty Cage help

Post by katmouse Mon 11 Nov 2019, 5:04 pm

Hoping this forum could give some good advice. My daughter has two mice and would like a new cage for Christmas. She has a decent width cage now but she would like a tall one with perhaps three tiers. She would like to avoid plastic and I believe the bars should be less than 1 cm apart.

I can't find what Im looking for online and just wondered if anyone can recommend anything?

Many thanks for any help

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Cage help Empty Re: Cage help

Post by Honey102019 Tue 03 Dec 2019, 2:59 am

You may find something at Martins Cages.  Not only do they make custom cages, but they also make more affordable tank toppers.  They are really nice people.  They responded to my email questions the same day and were more than happy to make a custom topper.  I decided not to go that route, but if I do I would choose their products.  They are superior to anything you will find in a pet store.  Here's the link...

You would either need to invest in an aquarium tank.  Petco often has a $1 per gallon sale.  I recommend a 15 gallon tank or larger.  Or, ask them if they can build a topper  for a plastic storage tote.  I would make sure you have a tote that has straight up and down sides.  If you attached a water bottle, you need a straight side so the bead falls into the correct position or you will have leaks.

I prefer the DIY plastic storage tote route.  I find glass tanks are a little too narrow.
If you consider getting another storage tote, these are some of the sizes and brands I like...

Holmz 64 qt. storage container (28.75”x10.625”x16”) at Ace Hardware for $11.99.

Sterilite 76 qt. storage tote (25.75” x 18.375” x 13.25”) at Walmart for $9.98

Sterilite 106 qt. storage tote (33.75” x 13" x 18.75”) at Home Depot for $15.98

Sterilite 200 qt. storage tote (39.75” x 17.875” x 21.5”) at Home Depot for $24.99.

I'm not a big fan of Critter Trail habitats or other pet shop cages.  They aren't as secure for mice and they are just too small in my opinion.  They are made for kids more than the pets themselves.  

I don't know if you looked on here for other discussions on habitats.  This article is about connecting 2 different habitats with Critter Trail tubes...

I hope this helps.  Good luck!
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Cage help Empty Re: Cage help

Post by Peachy Thu 05 Dec 2019, 7:21 am

A member posted about this cage a while ago, and it’s the one that came to mind immediately!

Not sure if you could find it online but may be a starting point.

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Cage help Empty Re: Cage help

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