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Hay in diet/oxbow food?

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Hay in diet/oxbow food? Empty Hay in diet/oxbow food?

Post by feathersstreet on Wed 13 Nov 2019, 7:51 pm

Ive been told that both hamsters and mice cant digest/absorb nutrients from hay but when trying to find info on that I can only find articles about how hay is good for both(and rats, but also things saying they cant digest it too???). I know most wont actually eat it and its good to mix in as bedding, but I was wondering if anyone had any resources on this?
Also Ive been told one of the reasons oxbow food is bad is because its mostly hay, which is what brought up this question. I know this is a mouse forum but info for either mice or hamsters is appreciated! Also posting this multiple places so if you see this somewhere else thats why

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Hay in diet/oxbow food? Empty Re: Hay in diet/oxbow food?

Post by Robin~ on Wed 20 Nov 2019, 1:22 pm

We had a bit of a mishap; here’s your answer!

Please do not post the same topic on multiple subforums. Trust me, someone will see the thread if you post it in just one place Smile Multiple topics just creates a discontinuity of answers/knowledge and it makes it more difficult for a guest looking for an answer to find said answer Smile

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