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Goodbye Pip

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Goodbye Pip Empty Goodbye Pip

Post by MouseMom on Tue 26 Nov 2019, 12:36 am

We lost our second mouse last week. Pip was big sister to Squeak who passed last Fall. She lived a long mouse life and had pep all the way up to the last week. She woke one day quite swollen, like a tennis ball but still had lots of energy for a little old mouse lady. After all, she was almost two! But with a recent move, it was a bit too much change. We're grateful for so many memories. Pip was playful, curious and smelled sweet like maple syrup. Her trademarks were her big pink ears with a little bit of fluff behind and her white butt stripe (just like her sister). I loved how groggy she would be waking up. And how her little butt would waddle around. Her favorite food was almonds and she loved to run on her wheel. Sometimes so fast she would ride it in a loop! Oh how we will miss her so gives me peace knowing the Pip-Squeak duo have reunited in mouse heaven. Take care of each other our little fur babies Love Adopted April 1, 2018- November 19, 2019
Goodbye Pip Baby_p10

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