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Meet Luna and Noche!!!

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Meet Luna and Noche!!! Empty Meet Luna and Noche!!!

Post by PeachesandPepper92918 Thu 28 Nov 2019, 9:15 am

So I got two new girls! They came from a very sweet woman who was trying to re-home them on Craigslist. Basically she had bought them for her grandkids and they lost interest in literally two days. They had actually been up for a couple of weeks before I inquired because mice don’t show up for re-homing/adoption in my area very often and I wanted to give somebody looking for mice a chance to adopt them first. I finally stepped in when she finally decided to remove the rehoming fee and put them up for free, which I knew could end up bad. They were living in a really old, broken critter trail with a water bottle that had soaked their bedding, a food bowl, and a wheel they could barely fit on. No hides, toys, or chews. So they don’t really understand how toys work, and they love to dig and bury things because that was the only thing they had to do before. They are still a bit unsure of me, but are really sweet. Luna is the chocolate banded girl and Noche is the black one. Luna had some missing fur on her when I first got her from barbering, but it already looks so much better.

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Mice are the best!

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Meet Luna and Noche!!! Empty Re: Meet Luna and Noche!!!

Post by mousyfriends876 Sun 01 Dec 2019, 11:09 pm

They are so cute!! Have a good time taking care of them!

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