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Dust-free bedding

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Dust-free bedding Empty Dust-free bedding

Post by Robin~ Mon 09 Dec 2019, 8:30 pm


For the past few months I’ve been having some issues with two of my girls. They are very very sensitive to dust to the point of where I can’t use commercial bedding. I use sheets of construction/printer paper for the bottom of the cage and provide a box of shredded construction paper for burrowing (hay or bedding sends Moo and Leaf through a sneezing spiral).
I’ve been looking around and most people seem to use paper/aspen bedding with no issues, which I’m honestly kinda jealous of! Anybody else with mice that are sensitive? Or maybe it’s just some underlying respiratory issue I need to talk to my vet about?

Many thanks!

Side note: beddings I’ve tried: Boxo, Small Pet Select Natural, Kaytee Aspen, Critter Care, Oxbow Orchard Grass (not a as a bedding but for burrowing), Yesterday’s News cat litter (a bit expensive and rough on the paws)
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Dust-free bedding Empty Re: Dust-free bedding

Post by Mouserat Sat 27 Jun 2020, 11:54 pm

I haven't been able to find any around me and not online either so i cant say for sure if it will be any better but I've heard that hemp bedding is more dust free. Right now while I'm looking for a better option as my girls have gotten respiratory infections from everything else I've tried I'm just shredding up some paper towels and napkins which they can still burrow in but it gets flattened out pretty easily.

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