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Interested in keeping mice!

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Interested in keeping mice! Empty Interested in keeping mice!

Post by ThisIsKit Wed 11 Dec 2019, 5:45 am

Hi, I'm Kit and I'm looking into adopting a couple or three mice next year. (Probably around my birthday in September.) So right now I'm just doing a bunch of research. A long 20 gallon tank should be big enough for 3 mice, right? The calculator says 5 but that seems like too many for me and I'd want to give them more than bare minimum space. Anyway I'm just really excited and looking forward to having tiny babies living with me <3 I'd be grateful for any wisdom or things you wished you'd known before you got yours.

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Interested in keeping mice! Empty Re: Interested in keeping mice!

Post by Peachy Wed 11 Dec 2019, 9:21 am

Welcome! I recently grabbed some new mice myself. My colony all moved on and I took a break that lasted a whopping five months max. Laughing

A 20g long would be perfect for three mice! The calculator is meant as an absolute minimum, bigger is better given your mice are tame and the environment is set up so your mice feel safe. Too big of an open space can cause them to become flighty.

Check out the “Pet Mouse Info” link in the sidebar for tons of useful articles on topics like nutrition, behavior, and housing.

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