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Where are the percentages coming from?

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Where are the percentages coming from? Empty Where are the percentages coming from?

Post by Robin~ on Tue 17 Dec 2019, 7:20 pm


I’m currently doing some diet research (I’m looking into making a homemade mix) and I can’t really find where the quoted 12-14% protein comes from along with the other recommended GA percentages. Anyone have any info as to where these came from? I’m finding some institutions are saying 16-22% protein on average, but these are for specific strains of non-inbred, breeding mice.

Thank you!

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Where are the percentages coming from? Empty Re: Where are the percentages coming from?

Post by Peachy on Wed 18 Dec 2019, 8:52 pm

This forum is kind of a spin off of the “late” website/forum The Fun Mouse. When TFM was preparing to shut down, many of its current members moved all the info over here so it wouldn’t be lost and we could all keep in touch. That said, it wasn’t anyone here who found the info and I can’t recall ever seeing the source mentioned on the old forum.

The owner of TFM was a highly regarded and experienced mouse owner and breeder. Much of her info came from research and consults with professionals, and I imagine some trial and error. You can check out an archive of the old site here. Much of the information you can find on PMF is under “Mouse Information” on the old TFM site.

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