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Bonding new females/cage size

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Bonding new females/cage size Empty Bonding new females/cage size

Post by Oreoandfriends Tue 17 Dec 2019, 8:07 pm

I am getting 5-6 female mice for my 850 square inch bin cage in a couple weeks. The mouse cage size calculator on this forum says my cage size can hold 13 mice, so when I first bring my new mice home should I block off a portion of the cage so they can bond properly or will they be fine with the whole amount? I will be getting the white fancy mice commonly sold as “feeders”, their cage will be packed with things to do at every step and tons of stuff to climb in/on so hopefully that will make them comfortable.
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Bonding new females/cage size Empty Re: Bonding new females/cage size

Post by Robin~ Wed 18 Dec 2019, 6:35 am


I found that, when I got my mice from a pet shop, since they’d been in the same enclosure for a bit now, they were all fine with each other when they reached me. I don’t think portioning off a bit would be necessary Smile But, just to be safe, I would get the ones who are sleeping/grooming with each other as that indicates a somewhat ok bond already.

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