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Sick mouse

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Sick mouse  Empty Sick mouse

Post by april7510 Wed 18 Dec 2019, 10:44 pm

I’m currently treating my one of my 2 mice for a upper respiratory infection with .02 mL of Baytril. I had not quarantined her from her sister or disinfected anything, I heard UTI are contagious though. Should I also medicate her sister ? Or should I wait and see if she shows symptoms ? Should I disinfect all their toys now or after treatment is over? Please help

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Sick mouse  Empty Re: Sick mouse

Post by Honey102019 Thu 19 Dec 2019, 10:49 pm

First, I would call your vet and ask him/her the same questions.  The vet is the one who examined your sick mouse and understands the severity of her illness.

If she is really sick, I would change her habitat into a hospital tank with minimal dust.  Remove any wood items including hides and any cardboard or paper.  Use a clean plastic or ceramic hide or clean cardboard box for a hide.  Use a few layers of paper towels laying flat instead of bedding.  Wash the food bowl, water bottle, wheels, saucers thoroughly with a mild soap and hot water. The other mouse can stay in there. She's been exposed. Either her immune system is strong enough to fight it without antibiotics or she will start to display similar symptoms like the sick mouse did.

If the sick mouse is eating, grooming, and playing then she does not need a hospital tank.  But, I would still give everything a good clean and remove the wood items, cardboard or paper toys, partially chewed mineral chews, lava rock hides, etc.  Anything that can house bacteria and cannot be cleaned easily must be dumped. Wood items can be boiled and set aside to dry.

Once both mice are well and have completed the antibiotics as prescribed by the vet, clean the habitat and accessories again and return the wood items. Make sure they a thoroughly dry and did not get moldy. If you find mold, they must be thrown out and replaced.

As far as whether to give the other mouse the antibiotic, some doctors have different view points.  Some hold off until URI symptoms surface so the mouse doesn't ingest anything she doesn't need.  Sometimes antibiotics give mice diarrhea or mild discomfort. Sometimes a URI starts as a virus but the conditions lead to an infection. Other times the virus is defeated by the immune system before an infection can form. It all depends on the mouse, how healthy she is and the strength of her immune system.  

Other vets assume that any other mouse in immediate proximity of the sick mouse is already affected and recommend treating them.

I'm not a vet.  If it was me and the sick mouse was getting better and the healthy one hasn't changed her behavior or eating habits. No one is crackling like Rice Krispies in milk. I'd wait and see.  This is what I would do for myself. I'd rather give my immune system a chance to fight the virus. If it's a virus, the antibiotic won't work anyway.

I would also call the vet to make sure you have enough antibiotic for both mice and to confirm the dosage for the second mouse just in case her weight is different.  If either mouse takes a turn for the worse, call the vet. I would also locate an emergency exotic vet in your area just in case this happens on a weekend.

I hope that helps.
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