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New mix— does this sound alright?

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New mix— does this sound alright? Empty New mix— does this sound alright?

Post by Robin~ on Thu Dec 26, 2019 4:06 pm


I’ve been working on a new mix for a while that will be about half homemade and half commercial. This is generally what I’m thinking of:

Homemade mix:

Millet: 17%
Barley: 13%
Oats: 10%
Wheat (Berries): 10%
Buckwheat: 10%
Brown Rice: 9%
Safflower Seed: 7%
Quinoa: 7%
Pumpkin Seed: 5%
Chia Seed: 4%
Flax Seed: 2%
Freeze-dried Apple: 2%
FD Blueberries: 2%
FD Strawberries: 2%

11.96% Protein
7.57% Fat
12.6% Fiber

Entire Mix:
Homemade: 50%
Oxbow Regal Rat: 35%
Zilla Omnivore (veggies and insects): 5%
Higgins Sunburst (potentially subject to change—looking for allergen free): 10%

13.83% Protein
6.29% Fat
8.25% Fiber

Any thoughts/advice are well appreciated!
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New mix— does this sound alright? Empty Re: New mix— does this sound alright?

Post by Honey102019 on Fri Dec 27, 2019 5:26 pm

I'm not an expert but that looks great!  I also like that you don't have any sunflower seeds or corn.

I think some of the scratching I'm seeing right now is due to too much sunflower seed in their diet.

I switched from Mazuri to Oxbow and now I'm using Supreme Selective Rat and Mouse as of October after I lost 2 girls who were only 6 months old and terribly obese.  It's the only fortified food that I can get in the US that is corn free.  It's made in the UK so go figure.  Americans and our corn Rolling Eyes

Post an update.  I've tried FD fruit in the past and no one eats it.  They don't seem to like fresh either, except an occasional blue berry or cherry.  They do like toasted coconut chips, though. They also like the candied coconut strips sweetened with pineapple juice, but that's probably better as a treat than an ingredient in a mix.

I think the percentages looks good.  I give my mice 1 small kibble of Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food as a treat. They go crazy for it. Drool  It's another protein source option but you only want to add a few kibbles (32% protein).  Put it on top so they eat it first.  It will keep them fuller longer.

Let us know. I may be using your recipe.
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