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BAY AREA, CA rehoming tame and friendly female mouse

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BAY AREA, CA rehoming tame and friendly female mouse Empty BAY AREA, CA rehoming tame and friendly female mouse

Post by bruxbuddies Thu 26 Dec 2019, 11:45 pm

Photo of Cloud:

I have two female mice (10 months old, born Valentine’s Day 2019), Sky and Cloud (pictured). Unfortunately my mouse Sky has a tumor and I know that it will be her time to pass on soon. I would like to rehome my other female mouse Cloud so that she’s not lonely. She has always been very healthy and actually she’s the tamest one. She enjoys coming out of her cage at night and going to a separate play bin. She is easy to pick up and hold/pet. She has gray and black merle fur that is very soft and a pretty pattern.

We have another mouse but he’s a male, so I would rather rehome her to a good home that has other female mice so she can have company. Right now I don’t want to get more female mice because we are going to take a break from owning mice.

Cloud will come with her 20 gallon tank, water bottle, wheel, some bedding and food, and her hides and toys. You would need to send me a couple pics of your set up, and if you don’t currently have other female mice then you would need to agree to get another couple of friends. She has previously been introduced to an adult female mouse and accepted her very well (it was a 2 year old rescue mouse who sadly passed after a few months).

Let me know if anyone is interested, and I can send more pics and video. I’m not in a rush to rehome her but it’s been on my mind because her sister is not doing well and I don’t want sweet Cloud to be all alone in her tank.

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