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fly high, nugget

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fly high, nugget  Empty fly high, nugget

Post by pipsqueaks on Thu 02 Jan 2020, 12:57 pm

i got my baby boy, nugget, in the beginning of july 2019. he was only $3 but his value to me was and still is immeasurable. he truly was the most special little guy i ever met. he sadly succumbed to a URI that was too late to cure on december 12th. the last time he ever walked was a journey up my chest and into my neck, shakily but he did it! i know he knew i loved him unconditionally, and it seemed like he loved me back as much as a mouse could. his last weeks were full of love, cuddles, and lots of cheerios! (my avatar is a pic of us cuddling a few days before he died)

fly high, angel Angel i’ll love you forever

fly high, nugget  061ec010
fly high, nugget  D9b3ea10
fly high, nugget  04fa4c10
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