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Adopting a mouse

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Adopting a mouse Empty Adopting a mouse

Post by mooc0w Mon 06 Jan 2020, 4:52 pm

Hi! I recently joined this forum. I have mostly depended on forums for rodent care in the past as the only other articles I could find were Wikipedia articles and Petco ones, which I don’t trust.
Recently my local Humane Society got in a 3 month old male mouse named Bert. He’s so cute, and I’m interested in adopting another rodent to add to the family! However, I’ve heard many “horror stories” about male mouse’s infamous smell. I’ve owned quite a few hamsters and gerbils but none of them stunk. Also, would a 20 gallon long tank be okay for him? Would he be okay by himself or should I get another mouse and try to bond them?

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Adopting a mouse Empty Re: Adopting a mouse

Post by Echoe77 Mon 06 Jan 2020, 8:12 pm

My family had a male mouse named Chewbacca. He smelled like fish. We got used to the smell after a couple of weeks. Male mice tend to be more cuddly/friendly and need more attention because they can not be with other mice. Male mice have to be kept separately because they will fight other each other. Adopting a mouse 100_0510

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