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What kinds of wood are safe for mice?

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What kinds of wood are safe for mice? Empty What kinds of wood are safe for mice?

Post by Janezo Tue 07 Jan 2020, 1:21 pm

I’m creating a cage with a natural look. I’d like to include pieces of wood that my mice can use to climb, hide, etc. I’m wondering if it would be safe for me to pick up wood branches around my house and then dry them in the oven. I live in Michigan (USA) so our local tree species are north American types such as maple and ginko. Are there types of wood to avoid because it’s toxic for mouse? Is drying the wood in the oven the right way to prepare it?

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What kinds of wood are safe for mice? Empty Re: What kinds of wood are safe for mice?

Post by Robin~ Fri 07 Feb 2020, 2:55 pm


Sorry for not replying earlier!

Here’s a safe wood discussion intended for hamsters. It should be pretty much the same for mice:

For twigs, just baking is fine provided you live in an area without much pesticides or air pollution. However, for larger pieces, I would do a bleach soak. This would consist of soaking the wood in bleach for a day or two, then soaking the wood in plain water for at least a week, changing out the water often.
A freeze-thaw-freeze cycle for smaller pieces could also work— doing both would be great so you get rid of both heat and cold-resistant bacteria/germs.

If you happen to not have any safe wood around you .org are looking for easy-to-use larger pieces, cork and grapevine sold for reptiles are great options.
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