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DIY tank ideas

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DIY tank ideas  Empty DIY tank ideas

Post by Dreamergirl37 on Mon 10 Feb 2020, 4:08 am

Hi! I want to make some things for my 20g long tank like platforms and hideouts but I would like them to last and not be eaten and be easy to clean. I have a bearded dragon and have seen people make their own decor out of styrofoam covered in grout and then sealed it, would this be safe for mice? Or any other recommendations? I have seen people use popsicle sticks but I’d rather not have to make new stuff every few weeks.

Thanks you any ideas!

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DIY tank ideas  Empty Re: DIY tank ideas

Post by Robin~ on Mon 10 Feb 2020, 10:28 am


I wouldn’t recommend styrofoam just in case it happens to get eaten—plastic isn’t best when ingested.

In all honesty, boxes/cardboard are a really great option. It doesn’t require any DIY (you can just plop the boxes in), and even off it starts to smell in a week replacing it should be too difficult Smile┬áThis could be cereal boxes, shoe boxes, snack food boxes, and postage boxes (as long as they look relatively clean).

Mugs, cups, and other ceramics are great, easy-to-clean options.

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DIY tank ideas  Empty Re: DIY tank ideas

Post by chiroptera on Tue 11 Feb 2020, 2:45 am

I second no styrofoam, it can't be digested and breaks apart pretty easily which can be dusty and damaging to their lungs.

Toilet paper rolls, boxes, ceramics are all great - if you have a Dollar Tree or something similar near you, you can get a LOT of little cardboard hides and ceramic stuff for just a dollar each, the dollar store is my go-to for new mouse hides!

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