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Scared mouse

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Scared mouse Empty Scared mouse

Post by Alycake on Mon 10 Feb 2020, 10:28 pm

This is my first mouse so any advice is appreciated! First off, I got my mouse last Tuesday. I wanted a male and was told he was a male however, when I was able to take a closer look, he is actually a she! I know females should be in groups which brings me to my issue. She is very very afraid of me still, she will not come out unless im not in the room and when I try to get close to her she freaks out and hides. I want to get 2 more female friends for her in the next few days but my question is, would it be better to wait till she's less afraid of me? Or should I get the other females now in hopes that it will help her feel less lonely/scared? This is my first experience so anything helps! Thanks!

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Scared mouse Empty Re: Scared mouse

Post by Tpanmo on Sun 15 Mar 2020, 12:11 am

I am also a fairly new mouse owner but I have noticed that my female mice find a lot of comfort knowing they have each other around. It may even help to try to introduce 2 more females to her as this may make her a bit less timid and feel less alone. ( Just be 100% sure it is a female!!!)
When taming my mice and introducing them to the idea of being handled and showing them my hand I always did it with all three of them in a neutral area (a bin). I am not an expert but I think they feel more comfortable exploring your hands when they see that their buddies are doing the same thing and are still safe.
At first they were very nervous so just put my hand in the bin and set it down very slowly, eventually one of them came up to smell me and the others followed.
I did get a few nips on my fingers but that is to be expected at first as they are not used to you and may be scared or seeing of you are a tasty snack Wink

After about a week they are all used to me and actually enjoy or dont mind being picked up and smelling me.

Of course, this is just my experience and I have read that some mice are just not as keen on the idea of warming up to you and it can take months (one of mine just stopped nipping me about 3 days ago) so keep in mind that all mice are different just like us! Just make sure you move slowly around them, are gentle, offer treats, and maybe try talking to her, I noticed that when I talk to them in a calm voice  it kind of soothes them a bit.

If you do decide to introduce more mice I would maybe do some research/ask a more experienced person on this forum about that process.
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