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Post by Pellava Fri 21 Feb 2020, 8:03 am


Never know where to start with these messages. I am a Finn living at UK and I have never had any rodent friends (yet).
When I was little I really wanted gerbils and a hamster but my first ever pet ended up being a dog, miniature schnauzer. As years went on, getting any sort of small furry friend got more and more difficult as we added another dog and 5 rescue cats to the family.
After moving and seeing videos on Youtube about different kinds of animals I got more into exotic pets. I did extensive research on different species from rats to reptiles and invertebrates.
Unfortunately my landlord wasn't too keen on the idea of rats or hamsters so instead I ended up having unofficial reptilerescue going on, rescuing 2 geckos and a tarantula from a bad situation and making sure they would be nurtured back to health before finding their forever homes. And of course I got one more addition to the family in the shape of a crested gecko, Gilbert.

As I have now finally moved to a house with plenty of room and gotten my partners blessing, I am looking to get some female mice. I have done a ton of research and still keep reading and trying to learn more so I can guarantee the best possible life for them.
I would like to get a group of 3 to start with, Pippin, Baggins and Merry and I have been looking at getting the large ZooZone 2 cage, of course making sure I put mesh on the top first.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and your cute mice!

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