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Post by Etienne Wed 26 Feb 2020, 9:15 pm

Hello everybody !

I'm a french young man of 31 years old, and I just began the adventure of having pet mice.

I have had 4 rats il my life, but when the last one died, I decided to stop because I got too bounded to them, and seing them dying so fast was too sad for me.

I have a friend who had snakes and whi bred mice to feed them. But due to the fact that he will be father soon, he had to get rid of his snakes. He sold them, but didn't knew what to do with mice. As I had 2 cage, I took them.

There were just weaned little girl, and a big mama at the end of her pregnancy. She had the baby ON sunday night.

So I came here because I have a lot of question, and I'd like to offer my mice the better life they could have.

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