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Respiratory problem?

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Respiratory problem? Empty Respiratory problem?

Post by Mouseaholic Wed 11 Mar 2020, 9:06 am

yesterday I got a pair of no haired mice, I have them in quarenteen at the moment. I noticed the male is not as active as the female, he will sit in one spot breathing heavy with his eyes semi closed. Is this a sign of respiratory infection? Should I separate him from his pregnant partner? Sadly there are no vets in my area that specialise in mice so is there anything I can give him?
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Respiratory problem? Empty Re: Respiratory problem?

Post by Honey102019 Wed 15 Apr 2020, 6:10 pm

I'm sorry no one got to your post.  

I'm fairly new to this site, myself.  Sometimes the responses are quick sometimes not.

I hope he managed to pull through or you found a vet.  

Take a look at this directory and locate a vet.  If you don't need one now, at least locate one for future reference.  It has listings worldwide...

Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians

Also consider an online veterinarian.  This list is very helpful...

Top 5 Online Veterinarians

You can also just google something like "Pocket Pet Veterinarians near Chicago, IL" or wherever your live.

There is also a list of recommended veterinarians listed in this site's Mouse Health section at the top.  Check the added comments below the list, too.

If it truly is an upper respiratory infection, the only way to treat it is with antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian.  

Usually, Baytril 100 ml/mg is prescribed and administered orally.  The dose is based on your mouse's weight in grams.  

Running a humidifier or vaporizer near their habitat will help him breath.  

Adding foods that boost his immune system can help.  Foods like broccoli, kale, berries, Greek yogurt (probiotics).  Don't feed him any citrus fruits.  Things like oranges and lemons are not safe for mice.

Ordering a nebulizer and saline solution vials (0.9%) can also help.  It saved my mouse's life.  Some vets can prescribe a bronchodilator to use with or in place of the saline to open the airway.

But before you spend any money, make every attempt possible to get in touch with a vet.  Nothing can replace an antibiotic.

My advice... call every veterinarian office within an hours drive.  Some treat mice but they are not listed as an exotic veterinary hospital in directories.  Their web site may not even mention it.  A hint would be a vet office that claims to be a "full service" vet.

If the online vet can't help, call one that isn't close.  They may be able to video chat with you and phone in a prescription to a pharmacy near you.

Good luck.  I hope he's feels better soon.
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